What is my Cyber Security Risk?

You know your credit score. There’s even a credit score just for your business. But do you know your cyber risk score? CyberRiskScore.com gives you a fast, easy way to measure your information security (“cyber”) risk against best practices and average scores of other participants. In just 20 minutes or less you will know the Inherent Cyber Risk of your business (the risk level based on your business type), the Cyber Maturity Risk Score based on your current information security practices.

CyberRiskScore.com is a free tool created by Information Shield to provide small businesses with a way to quickly measure their level of exposure to IT security issues – everything from outages to stolen data. We know you may not even have a full-time IT person on staff and probably don’t speak “security geek”. No worries. If you are dealing with pressure from large customers, thinking about purchasing a cyber insurance policy, or just want a clear picture of where you stand: you are in the right place.

CyberRiskScore is developed and maintained by Information Shield.

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