Who Can Use CyberRiskScore?

Businesses that want to understand their Cyber Risk

Almost every business that processes information is exposed to some type of information security (“cyber”) risk.  However, if you do not have information security expertise in house, it may be difficult to answer some basic questions:   How risky is my business?  What security best practices should we be adopting?   How do I compare to my peers?  CyberRiskScore was designed to give businesses a standard way to quickly answer these questions.

Businesses with Sensitive Information

Whether or not you are covered by industry-specific regulations like healthcare, retail, and financial services – you are most likely subject to data privacy laws passed by individual states, or if you have customers outside the US then you are very likely governed by International data privacy laws (most countries have them by now). Regardless of legal liability, you are probably more worried about what would happen to your business if you lost client information. Unfortunately until now, security tools and best practices advice have all been geared towards larger companies – rarely simple enough for organizations that may not even have a full-time IT person on staff.

Cyber Insurance Companies and Brokers

Insurance carriers and brokers can use CyberRiskScore to screen and score clients based on standardized Risk Scores.   Clients with “LOW” Inherent Risk present a low risk to your portfolio and could support lower premiums.  Clients with higher Inherent Risk present a higher overall cyber risk due to the size and complexity of their organization.   However, these same companies can have dramatically lower overall cyber risk by implemented the CPL Best Practices Control Library.

Using our Enterprise Solution you can gain visibility into  your entire portfolio of clients, providing a consistent, real-time view into your entire portfolio.   Contact us to learn more.

Companies Seeking Cyber Insurance

If you are seeking cyber insurance coverage, you can use CyberRiskScore to understand how insurance companies may view the risk to your organization.   You can also benchmark your security risk posture against your peers within your own industry or against all industries.